If anyone thinks the world of metals manufacturing is stuck in the past, they’re mistaken. This industry is alive and robust, largely in part to all of the new technology that fuels it. That said, metal manufacturing is extremely relevant to the younger generation looking for careers with growth opportunities and AP is proud to be a part of the mentoring process. It’s just one of the ways we hope to inspire others to get into one of the best industries out there. 

Partnering with our customers 

Because we’re part of the metals manufacturing industry, we partner with a lot of different customers for heat-treating and enjoy keeping in touch with the various industries with which we work. That’s how we got involved with the American Foundry Society. One of our team members, Research and Development Engineer, Angela Sell, represents the AFS on a national level, serving on the Cast Iron Research Committee. She’s also deeply involved with the Young Members and Student Affairs committee for the Detroit Chapter of ASM International, where she both coordinates and volunteers for activities with local schools to judge the Future Cities competition and the Detroit Science Fair. 

Similarly, our Vice President of R&D, Kathy L. Hayrynen, teaches at Michigan Technological University within the heat-treatment program. Dr. Hayrynen is a Michigan Tech alum with a BS, MS and PhD in Metallurgical Engineering and her graduate studies were exclusively focused on ductile iron and ADI. Teaching at her alma mater is just one way of giving back. 

Beyond our involvement with academic partners, every year we help out one of our customers, Neenah Foundry in NE Wisconsin, by opening our doors to their interns so they can experience different facets of metals manufacturing. We’ve participated in the program for the past four years and it’s humbling. In fact, right now at AP, we have two metallurgists that we hired right out of school. If we hadn’t been involved in these types of outreach opportunities, we wouldn’t have these fine individuals to call our own. 

Inspiring the next generation 

In addition to doing great work for our customers on a daily basis, we’re trying to inspire younger folks to go into the metal manufacturing world. Yes, this industry gets a bad rap, but only because most peoples’ ideas of metal foundries are associated with old-fashioned factories. The truth is, the world wouldn’t run as we know it without this industry to thank. You wouldn’t be able to drive your car, transport food, or have access to safe utilities without it. Together with our customers and partners within the industry, we’re able to promote metals manufacturing for what it is: an industry with a bright future.