I often say that Applied Process has some of the best customers one could hope for.

In many cases, our relationship with them has evolved into valued friendships. We’re not just bonded in business; our shared goals and values have forged a connection based on trust, efficacy and, often, a little fun. 

Sharing laughter 

In my 27+ years in metal manufacturing, I’ve learned that incorporating a little humor into conversation can go a long way and I never underestimate the power of a good laugh. A few months ago, I was on the receiving end of a simple joke and I still chuckle to myself about it now. Laughter that lingers? It’s all in a day’s work. 

Standing out 

Processing a single piece is something we do on occasion and because of our rapport with a particular customer, we readily obliged their request. On a quick call, they relayed their predicament: They needed their single piece processed and they needed it as quickly as possible. To expedite the operation, they wanted to ensure their piece was easily identifiable. I quipped that wrapping the part in $100-dollar bills was a surefire way to get our attention. We shared a quick laugh, got back to discussing logistics and hung up. Business as usual. 

Low and behold, we received this the next morning. A simple, silly gesture and a great start to my day.












Appreciating the journey 

Whenever I see this picture or this customer’s name pops up on my phone, I’m reminded of the gratitude I have for what we do every day, the people who are a part of it and our unique rapport. Metals manufacturing truly is a fraternity that prospers because of the relationships we share as customers, suppliers and even competitors. Together, we strive to make every project even better than the last.