It was our honor to host Manufacturing Day events and showcase our industry to those who help lead — and those who are — the next generation of manufacturing engineers.

From students to staffing agencies, professionals to professors, we connected in the name of creativity, technology and excitement for what’s on the horizon. As we walked through our history, processes and literally through our plant facilities, our guests learned firsthand what our industry entails and students got an idea of how they can fit into our field in the future.

Collaborating with leaders in Fort Smith, Arkansas

On the first of October, members of the Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce gathered at our facility for a morning of coffee, donuts and engaging education. Manufacturing professors, representatives from colleges and tech schools, staffing agencies, industry professionals and even members of the state senator’s office enjoyed a presentation about our processes from our Plant Manager, followed by a guided tour through our facilities. Seeing the day-to-day operations gave our esteemed guests a better understanding of what it is that we do exactly, which in turn will make them successful in passing along information to aspiring engineers, designers, manufacturers and the like.  

Inspiring youth in Livonia, Michigan

Later in the week, we hosted 50 students from Clarenceville Middle School in our Livonia facility. The students got an overview of our history and heat treating processes and were encouraged to ask those “hot topic” HR questions that were surely on their mind — positions, benefits  and, most intriguing to them, compensation. After a lively Q & A session, we led students through a tour of the plant and our Research and Development department. After hearing about various parts that we run for our customers, they got to see for themselves the products’ purpose in the real world. Overall, it was a morning full of energy and their curiosity was contagious, reminding us why we got into this innovative field in the first place. We hope they walked away (donned in their “Manufacturing Day” shirts, AP goodie bag swag in hand), as excited for the future as we are.

MfgDay2019 Collage