When it comes to our customers, we go out of our way to accommodate every ask. It’s just our way of showing that we’re real people, and we’re here to help. Following are just a few ways that Applied Process puts customers first.

It’s so much more than a quote.

When we’re approached with an opportunity, the first step is simple: have a conversation about it. It could be between a sales representative and the customer directly, or maybe it starts with reaching out to Research & Development. It all depends on the opportunity and what the variables are. Regardless of where the conversation begins, our sales team is highly skilled at getting other team members rapidly involved. We’ll always do a thorough in-depth review to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, leveraging our technical and operations teams to find solutions that are the lowest total cost, quicker to market and faster to process.

We’ve got bench strength beyond measure.

When a customer needs questions answered, we have no shortage of experts. At Applied Process, we have 120 employees, including eight materials engineers/metallurgists, four with advanced degrees. We have technical crew to assist both on the floor at the plant, as well as on the customer side. We’re not one-trick ponies; we’ve got multiple tools in our toolbelt. And that’s best reflected by our people — many of whom have worked in the metals manufacturing industry for their whole careers. This kind of in-house expertise matters to a lot of our customers that aren’t large enough to have their own materials engineer or metallurgist in house. We’re very supportive of our customers’ technical needs, so we become the defacto consultant. We listen. We ask a lot of questions. We try to understand the function of the part they’re seeking, or the problem they’re having. We’re not just heat treaters; we have people who assist customers specifically with technical expertise. So we’re either helping them metallurgically or geometrically.

We build relationships.

We have a relationship with customers that is unlike anything in the industry. It really blurs the line between customer/supplier, and a long-term friendship. At our most recent session of AP University, which is open to the entire industry, the first thing we did was a briefing to learn about everyone in the room: names, titles, hobbies, and so forth. By the end of the exercise, customers, employers and suppliers alike were swapping stories, laughing, and nodding their heads over shared interests. It just goes to show: We’re serious about our work, but we also have a good sense of humor, and love to get to know the people we serve. There’s a bond there, for sure.

The quote is just the beginning. This story continues in August, when we’ll share how our unique customer service relationship continues through the production process, and beyond.