Celebrating Success: Two for One Special

Every once in awhile, we have the opportunity to share a story about how we’re able to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering not only on time and on budget, but by proposing an alternate solution (previously not concepted) to further reduce total cost. Here’s just one of many success stories for which Applied Process was able to save the day in a real-world situation.

A month or so back, we met up with a customer in the automotive world that was looking to heat-treat two independent pieces, then join them together via a welding process. The individual components and the welded assembly both have precise tolerances, and the customer assumed that heat treatment would distort the parts to a degree that would require significant machining to the finished component.

Not knowing the benefits of the austempering process over other heat treatment methods, our customer presumed that we’d need to heat-treat the separate pieces, weld them together for a true fit, then do a final machining on the completed piece to meet the precise tolerances. And here’s where we were able to deliver a refreshing alternative: Because of AP’s low distortion salt quench process, the customer was able to weld the pieces together first then heat-treat the finished component as one and call it done. Not only did this save significant manufacturing time for this piece, it ensured the final piece was stronger due to the elimination of the weld heat affected zone, as the structure was homogenized by heat treating after the welding process was complete.

It’s a common misconception that a part made of multiple pieces welded together makes for a complex build. The fact is, we know better — and we’re happy to help explain and execute. We have the expertise, confidence and experience of 40 years as an industry leader, and we can often explore solutions our customers may not even be aware of.

No matter the job, if you’re unsure how the process might work, call us first. We don’t just make the part; we make it better — and help our customers make it work.

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